Water Fun Activities

Need something to cool off on a hot day? Check out these great attractions.
*Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax and are Subject to Change. Please call for more information. For issues with your rental or an after hours emergency, please contact Jeff, our Warehouse Manager, at 937.286.7364.

Tidal Wave Water Slide Rental

Tidal Wave Slide
Space Needed: 

Palm Tree Jr Water Slide

Palm Tree Jr Water Slide (great for 12 years and under)
Rental Cost: $225.00

Dunk Tank Rental

Dunk Tank
Rental Cost: $160.00 (customer pickup price)

Water Wars Rental

Water Wars
Rental Cost: $795.00

Big Splash Rental

Big Splash
Rental Cost: $95.00

Downpour Derby Rental

Downpour Derby
Rental Cost: $235.00

Shark Bite Slip n Slide

Shark Bite Slip n Slide
Rental Cost: $200.00
Space Required: 25' X 30' 

Single Lane Palm Tree Slip N Slide
Rental Cost: $200.00

Don’t have time to go to the beach? Bring the beach to you with the palm tree slip n slide!! Also Available in Dual Lane!

Dual Lane Slip n Slide
Space Requirement: 35'x10'
Rental Cost $200.00

Wet and Wild Water Tag Rental

Wet and Wild Water Tag
Rental Cost: $575.00
Space: 20′x36′x8′
People Per Hour: 130
Power: 110 Volts/20 Amps


Big Kahuna Water Slide
Rental Cost: $350.00 Space Requirement: 35'x11