Sports Games & Inflatables

*Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax and are Subject to Change. Please call for more information. For issues with your rental or an after hours emergency, please contact Jeff, our Warehouse Manager, at 937.286.7364.

Wacky Golf Game Rental

9-Hole Wacky Golf
Rental Cost: $425.00

Corn Hole Game Rental

Corn Hole
Rental Cost: $75.00 for Set

Doplar Golf Game Rental

Doplar Golf
Rental Cost: $400.00
Space: 16'x16'x14' 

Fast Pitch Radar Gun Game Rental

Fast Pitch Radar Gun
Rental Cost: $185.00
Space: 18'x12'x9'

Field Goal Challenge Inflatable Game Rental

Field Goal Challenge
Rental Cost: $185.00
Space Required: 15'x20'

Gym Shoe Basketball Game Rental

Gym Shoe Basketball
Rental Cost: $125.00
Space Required:9′x9′x8′
People Per Hour: 120
Power:110 Volts/20 Amps


Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing

Test your Lumber Jack skills with this velcro axe throwing game great for any ages!

Rental Price: $175

Sports Arena Game Rental

Sports Arena (Football Toss)
Rental Cost: $185.00
Space: 10′x20′x10′
People Per Hour: 100
Power: 110 Volts/15 Amps


TBall Inflatable Game Rental

T-Ball Batting Cage
Rental Cost: $275.00
Space: 15′x12′x8′
People Per Hour: 40-60
Power:110 Volts/20 Amps


Volleyball Net Setup Rental

Volleyball Setup
Rental Cost: $95.00

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules

Wacky Trikes Bike Rental

Wacky Trikes
Rental Cost: $450.00
Includes 2 Giant Tricycles' with Track

Rental Cost: $95.00 1 Trike Rental

Sumo Wrestling Suits Rental

Sumo Suits
Rental Cost: $525.00
Space Required: 20'x20'

Settle disputes the ancient way by zipping up a sumo suit and going to battle. These outrageously fun suits envelop your frail body with hefty padding and a sumo styled hairpiece helmet that let you charge your opponent head on without risk of injury!!!

Human Foosball Game Rental

Human Foosball 
Rental Cost: $700.00
Space: 40'x25'x8'

Get 10 of the guys (and/or gals) together and create your own life-sized foosball game inside our cool life size inflatable arena!! Players connected at the hip to each line. Great fun! And lots of goals scored!

Tricycle Rental

Trike Track w/ 2 Tricycles
Rental Cost: $450.00
Space: 25′x40'x10′
Power: 110 Volts/20 Amps

Giant tricycles (2) with inflatable track, adult size for both kids and adults.

Dodge Ball Game Rental

Dodge Ball 
Rental Cost: $495.00
Space Required: 22'x30'

Bounce, Throw, Tag! This inflatable allows one to four players to experience the thrilling game of dodge ball!


9 Hole Mini-Golf Game Rental

9 Hole Mini Golf
Rental Cost: $425.00