We have the region’s largest assortment of inflatable slides, including water slides. What kid wouldn’t go down one of these over and over again… see, you’re thinking about it right now!
*Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax and are Subject to Change. Please call for more information. For issues with your rental or an after hours emergency, please contact Jeff, our Warehouse Manager, at 937.286.7364.

Polar Bear Slide Rental

Polar Bear Slide
Rental Cost: $1095.00
Space Required: 39'x22' People per Hour: 240+Power:110volts/2-20amps

Climb up and slide down this BRAND NEW adventure filled Artic Slide!!



Giant Slide Rental

Giant Slide
Rental Cost: $825.00
Space: 40′x18′x22′
People Per Hour: 240+
Power: 110 Volts/40 Amps

A great addition to any event. These big inflatable slides will keep kids entertained for hours!
 Junior Slide Rental

Junior Slide for Kids
Rental Cost: $200.00
Space: 40′ x 12′ x 18′
People Per Hour: 200
Power: 110 Volts/2–20 Amps

Hours of inflatable sliding fun! Great for kids 12 and under!
Sabre Tooth Tiger Slide Rental

Sabre Tooth Tiger
Rental Cost: $1000.00
Space: 40′x18′x27′
People Per Hour: 400
Power: 110 Volts/40 Amps

Have a Roaring time on our Sabre Tooth Tiger Slide!!