Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are the best investments for large crowds; you can get two people through each course every 15-30 seconds making it very efficient fun! Not to mention, they look amazing for any suitable gathering.

Price Range: $350-$1295
*Prices Subject to Change, Call for more information.


7 Element Obstacle Inflatable Rental

7 Element
Rental Cost: $350.00
Space Required: 35'x15'

Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Adrenaline Rush
Rental Cost: $925.00
Space Required: 40'x30'x17'
People Per Hour: 200
Power: 110 Volts/40 Amps

Bengals Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Bengals Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $750.00
Space Required: 50'x15'x16'

Ohio State Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental

Ohio State Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $750.00
Space: 50'x15'x16'

Rat Race Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental

Rat Races Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $1295.00
Space: 58'x30'x24'

Safari Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Safari Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $1000.00
Space: 36'x25'x21'

Wild One Jr. Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Wild One Jr
Rental Cost: $650.00
Space: 11'x44'x16'

Wild One Rollercoaster Obstacle Rental

Wild One Roller Coaster Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $1295.00
Space: 58′x25′x21′
People Per Hour: 240
Power: 4–20amp circuits


Vertical Rush Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Vertical Rush
Rental Cost: $895.00
Space: 28'x18'x22'