Obstacle Courses

Due to covid our insurance company is not allow inflatable rentals for the 2021 season!

Obstacle courses are the best investments for large crowds; you can get two people through each course every 15-30 seconds making it very efficient fun! Not to mention, they look amazing for any suitable gathering.

Price Range: $350-$1295
*Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax and are Subject to Change, Call for more information. For issues with your rental or an after hours emergency, please text 937-236-6373.


7 Element Obstacle Inflatable Rental

7 Element
Rental Cost: $350.00
Space Required: 35'x15'

7-Element Obstacle course challenges you through 7 different types of obstacles. Racers start this Obstacle Course diving through the wall, then squeeze through the pillar wall, around inflated side posts, scramble through tunnels, more inflated walls and out the back to become the victor! Includes blower.

Wild One Jr. Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Wild One Jr
Rental Cost: $650.00
Space: 11'x44'x16'

Wild One Jr is an extreme inflatable obstacle course that delivers a rush for all participants. With tunnels, climbing areas and a slide this ride is fun for everyone!!!

Ohio State Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental

Ohio State Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $750.00
Space: 50'x15'x16'

Gigantic! Go over, around and through inflatable obstacles in the OSU themed course.

Bengals Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Bengals Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $750.00
Space Required: 50'x15'x16'

Go over, around, up and down in this gigantic obstacle course. Just remember, our huge football player awaits you at the end. Can you take him on?

Vertical Rush Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Vertical Rush
Rental Cost: $895.00
Space: 28'x18'x22'

A brand new, wacky version of an Obstacle Course and Slide that is sure to test your endurance as you battle your opponent through the entrance tubes, bash your way through inflated pillars and climb over 20′ up mounds until you get to the top platform where you finally hit the slide and slide down. What will your best time be?

Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Adrenaline Rush
Rental Cost: $925.00
Space Required: 40'x30'x17'
People Per Hour: 200
Power: 110 Volts/40 Amps

Hands-down the most popular obstacle course in our arsenal, this original maze offers 80 feet of challenges per lane including tunnels, barriers, log jams, crawl-throughs, up-and-overs, rock climbs, and slides – one right after another with no stopping.

Safari Obstacle Inflatable Rental

Safari Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $1000.00
Space: 36'x25'x21'

Two slides, two rock climbs and danger lurking around every corner. Will you dare to brave the unknown?

Rat Race Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental

Rat Races Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $1295.00
Space: 58'x30'x24'

This figure eight obstacle course has opponents racing in opposite directions. This enormous obstacle course includes tire runs, squeeze plays, tackle dummies, tunnels, mini rock wall and a giant slide. Great for all ages!!

Wild One Rollercoaster Obstacle Rental

Wild One Roller Coaster Obstacle Course
Rental Cost: $1295.00
Space: 58′x25′x21′
People Per Hour: 240
Power: 4–20amp circuits

Our latest and greatest obstacle challenge mirrors the excitement of a real rollercoaster which is the featured ride at any amusement park. Experience the twisting turns, climbing the mountains and zipping down the other side.