Inflatable & Interactives

Our all-time most popular rentals, inflatables offer endless fun. With the choice of different games, an inflatable can be used for any event.

Adults up to 250 lbs can use the games as well—they are not just for the kids! An inflatable creates great opportunities for photos as well!
Notice: All Bounce houses, Water Slides, and Inflatables must be ran on their own circuit or they may cause electrical issues.
*Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax and are Subject to Change. Please call for more information. For issues with your rental or an after hours emergency, please contact Jeff, our Warehouse Manager, at 937.286.7364.


Buccaneer Inflatable

NEW FOR 2019

The Buccaneer

Rental Price: $595

Space Required: 27'L x 16'W x 17'H

This Dazzling ship features the look of a Spanish Galleon on the high seas. Designed as a combination climb,slide and bouncer the Buccaneer is  atrue favorite for children of all ages.





NEW FOR 2019
The Mini City
Rental Cost- $450

The kids will stop, walk bounce and play thewir way through this vibrant buslting kiddie metroplois. Stop by the bakery for some sweet treats, climb through the Mini City jail cells or slide through the rugged construction zone. All aboard the monorail!!!  Next stop, Mini City!!



Human Wak-A-Mole

NEW FOR 2019
Human Wak- A- Mole

Rental Cost: $595
Space: 14'x 14'x6'

1 Human whacker and 6 moles.  Moles try to steal balls from the whacker without getting hit. Watch video below!



A 40ft mothership has landed at your next event.  This gigantic enclosed UFO, is a great activity for both kids and adults.  Especially FUN for that hard to reach teenager crowd.  You will have a BLAST with up to 12 people zig zagging through, laughing, and blasting each other out of this universe.

UFO Laser Tag
Rental Cost: $995.00
Space: 40'x20' (40x12 with Head Removed)

Imagine up to 8 players using state of the art X blasters to battle aliens trying to conquer earth!! Requires 2-110V Outlets

Kid Tested and Approved!!! For kids & Adults

Wiped Out Inflatable Rental

Wiped Out
Rental Cost: $695.00
Space Required: 42'x17"

Just like the hit game show...Climb up an 8 ft wall then jump ball to ball to see if you can make it to the end!!


Sesame Street Playland Inflatable Rental

Sesame Street Play Land
Rental Cost: $450.00
Space Required: 22'x22'x13'

Interactive play land for the little guys! Featuring 7 different games inside, an interactive counting game, a telephone & traffic light game, a 2-foot climb & slide, & much more!! (Great for children 6 & under!)


Mickey Mouse Toddler Park Inflatable Rental

Mickey Mouse Toddler Park
Rental Cost: $450.00

Fantastic 3D artwork for Mickey Park adorns the bounce house walls, for a stand-out unit that will keep them coming. (For children 8 & under)

Bungee Run 2 Lane Inflatable Rental

Bungee Run – 2 Lane
Rental Cost: $525.00
Space Required: 35'x10'  

Test your strength! While wearing a harness with a giant bungee cord attached, participants run down the 35′ inflatable lane stretching the cord as far as they can while placing their velcro marker at the farthest point before the bungee cord pulls them back to the start.


Tug-of-War Inflatable Rental

4 Way Tug o War
Rental Cost: $495.00
Space Required: 30'x30' 

Four players going in four opposite directions, trying to be the first to slam dunk the ball in their corner. A demanding, intense, but fun physical challenge.

X Games Half Pipe Inflatable Rental

X Games Half Pipe
Rental Cost: $450.00
Space Required: 15'x15'

Hop on the skateboard and see if you can keep your stance on this inflatable half pipe!

Gladiator Joust Inflatable Rental

Gladiator Joust
Rental Cost: $450.00
Space: 33′x23′x12

En guarde! Bring your event back in time with our Gladiator Joust. Challenge your opponent in a medieval jousting dual to knock each other to the ground.


Derby Race Inflatable Rental

Derby Races
Rental Price $495.00
Space Required: 35'x20'

Bounce your way on an inflatable horse through the starting gates. This is a crazy inflatable horse race for kids and adults. Small, Med, or Lg Horses Available (Up to 6 players)

Bounce Boxing Inflatable Rental

Bouncy Boxing
Rental Cost: $475.00
Space: 16'x21'x9'

Contestants wear huge oversized foam filled boxing gloves and head gear. Knock your opponent of their feet to take the title!

Bungee Challenge Inflatable Rental

Bungee Challenge
Rental Cost: $450.00
Space: 25′x15′x8′

It's like tug of war with bungee cords! With the Bungee Challenge, stuff basketballs in a hoop- while your opponent tries to do the same, while attached to the same bungee cord! The first person to get three balls into the basket first wins this Bungee Challenge.

Laser Tag Inflatable Rental

Elementary Laser Tag
Rental Cost: $575.00

Blast your opponent in this action packed laser game. The inside is filled with a maze of walls to conceal you from your adversaries. 6-8 players

Lagoon of Doom Inflatable Rental

Lagoon of Doom
Rental Cost: $795.00
Space Required: 19'x16'

Attempt to keep your balance, as your opponent tries spinning faster, trying to spin you off.

Mountain Climb Inflatable Rental

Mountain Climb
Rental Cost: $750.00
Space: 30′x30′x22′

Put your climbing skills to the test by taking on this 30′ inflatable mountain. 2 Sided

Velcro Wall Inflatable Rental

Velcro Wall
Rental Cost: $425.00
Space: 12′x13′x16′

Jump and stick yourself to the giant velcro wall wearing our furnished Velcro Suits.  

Wrecking Ball Inflatable Rental

Wrecking Ball
Rental Cost: $700.00
Space: 29'x29'x17'

Test your balancing skills as 4 participants stand on an unsteady inflatable platform, and then knock each other over with the giant padded wrecking ball!

Gorgilligans Island Inflatable Rental

Gorgillians Island
Rental Cost: $450.00
Space: 20′x14′x10′

Inflatable crawl-through maze and slide. Great for gyms or if you're short on space!! Perfect for kids 12 & under!

Jungle Mania Inflatable Rental

Jungle Mania
Rental Cost: $450.00
Space: 20′x12′x10′

Jungle Mania is very similar to Gorgillians Island! Great obstacle for children 12 & under!!

Locomotive Inflatable Rental

Locomotive Train
Rental Price: $450.00
Space: 42′x16′x10′


Be your own conductor while climbing thru the obstacles and slide down the slide in the fun-filled train maze. Great for kids 12 & under!!

Magic Land Inflatable Rental

Magic Land
Rental Price: $275.00
Space Required: 25'x17'

A land full of wonder and adventure on this brand new magical room for the little ones!!

Undersea Adventure Inflatable Rental

Undersea Adventure
Rental Cost: $200.00
Space Required: 20'x20'

Great party fun for the lil ones! Jump and play on the inflated sea creatures inside!

Mega Undersea Adventure Inflatable Rental

Mega Undersea Adventure
Rental Cost: $275.00
Space Required: 20'x25'

Great party fun for the lil ones! An inflatable kiddie area for the wee ones to play on and bounce in!