Fun Olympics ran by Fun Services coordinator that keeps things lively. There are many contests for all ages. Site decorated with pennants. There are Large Plush Animals for the winners. Organized by a Fun Services attendant. The cost is $295.00 for 3 Activities with a Fun Services Coordinator provided. Below are just examples of some of the FUN team building or picnic relay contests we have available:

Watermelon Eating Contests: Separate contests for adults and kids. Get your cameras ready!

Water Balloon Toss: The team to throw and catch the balloon from the farthest distance without breaking the balloon wins.

Balloon Waddle: A good team sport with varied ages per team Can also be played individually Player blows up the balloon and “waddles” down the field with the balloon between their legs, upon return; they must sit on balloon and pop it.

Sack Races: Team up parents and kids -“Hurry up Dad!”

Hat Pass: Similar to musical chairs but pass crazy hats.

Tug of War: Get your teams ready to test their strength.

Egg Toss: The coordinator blows the whistle and 50 eggs fly in the air all at once. It’s a sight to behold.

Izzy Dizzy: A relay race – run down and around and around . . . the bat and try to run back.

Limbo: Separate contests for adults and kids, how low can you go?

Peanut Bucket Relay: Four teams line up seated on the ground and pass peanuts over their heads – the teams with the fullest bucket at the end, is the winner!

Stuff the Scarecrow: A multiple team event. Kids and parents can be on the same team if so desired. The object is to see which team can make the best scarecrow, in the time given. Supplies like straw, old clothes; string, etc. are given to each team. Awards are given based on originality, best use of materials, etc.

Pie Eating Contest: Cream pies – get your camera ready. Separate contests for kids and adults.

Wacky Waiter: Great team race, funny to watch- the “waiter” has to deliver glasses of water while wearing swim flippers.

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest: The biggest bubble wins

Mummy Wrap: Best run by our DJ. One person wraps their partner in toilet paper. The “mummy” that is wrapped first wins.

Spoon in Egg Relay: A team sport played with real eggs.

Hula-Hoop: Separate contest for kids and adults Get those hips moving.