Looking for a quick and easy way for your guests to get something to eat and drink then get back to the FUN? Then our concessions are the way to go! We offer a huge variety of tasty treats to complement your event, no matter how large or small!



Popcorn Machine Rental

Popcorn Machine
Machine Rental: $45.00
Popcorn Supplies $23.95/100 servings (bags included)
Space Required: 5' x 5'
Power: 110 Volts

Cotton Candy Machine Rental

Cotton Candy
Machine Rental: $45.00 
Cotton Candy Mix $12.95/container = 70 Servings
Pink Silly Nilly (Vanilla) or Blue Razzberry (Cones Included)

Snocone Machine Rental

Sno-Cone Machine
Machine Rental: $45.00
Sno Cone Syrup $12.95/gallon = 150 Servings
(Cherry, Blue Raspberry & Lemon Lime)
Sno Cone Cups $6.00/100

1 Lb of Ice = 3 Sno Cones
50 Lb Bag of Ice Available for $6.00 (Feeds 17 People)

Nacho Cheese Warmer Machine Rental

Nacho Cheese Warmer
Machine Rental $50.00
Nacho Cheese $50.00/bag = 200 Servings
Nacho Chip Trays $.19 each

Hot Dog Warmer Machine Rental

Hot Dog Warmer
Rental Fee: $40.00

Keep your hot dogs warm with this warming machine. Holds up to 40 Hot Dogs

Two-Head Frozen Drink Machine
Rental Fee: $150.00

Our frozen drink machines allow you to have two different flavored drinks going at once. If you want to mix alcohol in it, the best ratio to mix is 1 liter to 2 gallons of the mix/water!

Hot Dog Roller Machine
Rental fee: $40.00

Pucker-Powder-Candy-Art Machine Rental

Pucker Powder
Minimum Order $220.00 for 200 Tubes
(Machine is NOT included)

“We hired Fun Services to provide the site, rides, concessions, midway games and our picnic lunch for approximately 800 people. We were extremely pleased with the quality of service we received, from the writing of the contract of all the way through to the day of the event. Everyone that we worked with made sure we had everything we needed throughout the event and everything ran smoothly.” 
Joe Johnson, Yellow Technologies