Carnival & Midway Games

Classic carnival games are a great addition to any events—the games are fun for both children and adults. Enjoy the option of adding a colorful red and white game booth to provide that special touch—as well as the choice of including prizes with every game! 

Pricing & Details:

  • Our Carnival and Midway games come with instructions of play plus a red and white striped barrier booth (upon request) additional $25.00. All Carnival games are $40.00 each without a booth, unless stated otherwise. All Premium Games are $65.00 each without a booth unless stated otherwise!
  • Prizes are not included in price but may be purchased on consignment with no risk to you or let one of our professionals help you with your budget to include enough prizes to last your whole event. Prizes range from  $.05-$30.00 each. 

*Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax and are Subject to Change. Please call for more information. For issues with your rental or an after hours emergency, please text 937-236-6373.





Hit the middle can and WIN!!!



A classic carnival game everyone loves. Try getting the ball in the bucket without missing or bouncing out.



Players are given 3 ping pong balls. Try to land your ball in the bowl with the fish. 




Players are given 3 pennies with a chance to land one of the pennies thrown on the plate.



Player bounces three ping pong balls off the baskerball target into the hoop. Get one or more ping pong balls in the hoop and WIN!!!




Plunk It

Drop a Ping Pong Ball & Win a Prize according to the color it lands in!!

Swinger Game Rental


Knock down all the dice on the return swing to win!

Flip a Chick Game Rental

Flip the Chick

Flip the chicken into the basket to win!

Tip A Jug Game Rental

Tip a Jug

Test your strength at knocking over the jugs!

Balloon Dart Game Rental

Balloon Dart

An old time favorite using suction darts for safety!

Bottle Ring Game Rental

Bottle Ring

Old Fashion Ring the Bottle to win!

Alien Pinball Game Rental

Alien Pinball

Player gets 3 balls to rack up points to win a prize!!

Monster Blast Game Rental

Monster Blast

See how many monsters you can shoot down! Collect points to win!!

Skee Roll

An old time favorite. Roll the ball and rack up the points!

Ricochet Game Rental


Roll the ball & watch it ricochet off the bands to come around & land in a hole!!

Color Roll

Pick a color, see if you can roll the balls in to all three


Crazy Hat

Try your chance at throwing a ball into the Hat & Win a Prize!!

Alley Oops

Player rolls three ping pong balls down a game board into several numbered slots. Certain number total wins various levels of prizes.

Amaze-O Game Rental


Three rubber balls are rolled down a ramp with wooden pegs that cause the balls to move in unpredictable ways until they reach the bottom of the ramp.

Angle L-Putt-Putt Gof Game Rental

Angle Golf

Make it in two, and we’ll be impressed. Make it in one, and we’ll be amazed… and give you a big prize!

Ball Bingo Game Rental

CLASSIC – Ball Bingo

Ten balls are thrown into a tub with 25 holes – like a bingo card. A double bingo wins top prize or a single bingo wins 2nd prize.

Bank Shot Game Rental

Bank Shot

A game similar to pool – using a cue stick, player gets one chance to rebound cue ball to either of two holes, one at each end.

Batter Up Game Rental

Batter Up

Player releases a spring-loaded “bat” and hits a ball that is rolling towards him. The area of the game that the ball lands in determines prizes.

Bean Bag Toss Game Rental

Bean Bag Toss

Three out of three beanbags through the clown’s mouth win first prize. Two out of three wins 2nd prize. Good children’s game.

Beat the Teacher Game Rental

Beat the Teacher

Up to three players compete with the Teacher (or booth worker) to see whose ball is first to roll down a maze and end up and the bottom of the game.

Bumper Car

Player pushes a wooden car, which bounces off a rubber bumper on a special table. Where the car stops determines which of four prizes the player wins.

Circle Race Game Rental

Circle Race

Player spins wooden car completely around circle on the game board. Prize is awarded based on color area car stops in.

Coke Toss Game Rental

Coke Toss

Player tosses a softball underhand and attempts to knock over two coke bottles (standing side by side on a special game board) to win a top prize.

Duck Pond Game Rental

Duck Pond

Player selects a floating duck from a tank and the number on the bottom of the duck determines which of several different prizes in won.

Five Pin Bowling Game Rental

Five Pin Bowling

A shuffleboard type game where the player shoves three pucks and tries to flip over five wooden pins.

Lollipop Tree Game Rental

Lollipop Tree

Player selects a lollipop from the tree and if the lollipop has a colored end, he wins a prize.

Looney Tune String Pull Game Rental

Looney Tune String Pull

Player selects a string a pulls a Looney Toon character to see in they win.

Marble Game Rental

Marble Game

Player selects a color on the game board and rolls six marbles. The marble must rest against the tip of a selected color. Total of the winning marbles determines the prize.

Milk Can Toss

Player throws softballs and tries to get them in a large milk can. Number of balls into the can determines prize earned.

Poster Game Rental

Poster Game

Toss a ring around a poster. Everyone’s a winner with our great selection of posters!!

Prize-Is-Right Game Rental

Prize is Right

Game board has a series of six doors. Player selects one of the doors to open and wins the prize behind that door.

Spin O Prize

Player spins a big spinner and where it stops determines your prize!

Par One Golf

Par One Golf

A miniature golf game complete with putter and ball. Try your shot at a hole in one!!!!

Roller Bowler Game Rental

Roller Bowler

Player rolls bowling ball up an incline to stay in designated area.

Seven Eleven

Two whiffle balls are thrown into tub with numbered holes. Any combination of seven wins 2nd prize. Combination equaling eleven wins top prize.


Try to stand up a pop bottle using a pole with a ring on the end before it rolls off of the stand.

Teddy Bear Toss Game Rental

Teddy Bear Toss

Player must get one of three rings around a teddy bear and the block it is standing on to win top prize.

Three Ring Circus Game Rental

Three Ring Circus

Player attempts to toss a small ring around a dowel without allowing hands to pass through a steel hoop on the game board. Player may make two attempts per ticket, unless successful on first try.

Tic Tac Toe Game Rental

Tic Tac Toe

Player throws three balls into nine holes arranged in a tic tac toe pattern. Any three balls in a row wins top prize.

Bull Roping Game Rental

Bull Roping

That’s one angry bull and he’s ready to charge! Players toss the rope in an attempt to lasso the bull!

Shark Attack Game Rental

Shark Attack

Catapult the fish off of the surfboard into the sharks mouth to win a Prize!!

Fido Fetch Game Rental

Fido Fetch

Toss the frisbee into Fido’s mouth to win a prize!

Finish Line Game Rental

Finish Line

The first one to make it to the finish line wins!

Frog Flinger Game Rental

Frog Flinger

Using the catapult you have to fling the frogs onto the lily pad to make them safe to Win a Prize!!

Gone Fishing Game Rental

Gone Fishin’

Players will be “hooked” on this skee ball game!! Players have three balls to roll up the ramp and into the holes to see how many fish they can catch. Fish On!!!

Monkey Maddness Game Rental

Monkey Madness

The most unique pin ball game around. Players get three balls and have to try and help the monkeys catch as many balls as possible to obtain the most points without losing their coconuts.

Potty Toss Game Rental

Potty Toss

Player is given three balls to throw into the potty. The number of balls into potty determines the prize.

Red Light Game Rental

Red Light

Try your luck at making a Red Light and Win an awesome Prize!!

Penguin Fish Fling Game Rental

Perky Penguin

Catupult the fish into the penguins basket to win!

Stranger Danger Game Rental

Stranger Danger

Knock the stranger over and send him straight behind bars. Great Elementary School game!

Taz Toss Game Rental

Taz Toss

Toss the bean bags in Taz's mouth to win!

Tower Golf Game Rental

Tower Golf

Try your skills at this awesome Tower Golf!! Can you make the ball in the tower?

Cane Ring Toss

Cane Ring Toss


Football Toss

Football Toss


Tip the Trash Game Rental

Tip the Trash

Test your throwing skills to try and knock down the trash cans. The more you knock down the better the prize!

Kool Pool

Kool Pool

Test your skills at shooting a cue ball at another cue ball inside the circle with a 50 cent coin sitting on top. Object is to get the 50 cent coin completely out of the circle to Win a Big Prize!

Slap Shot Hockey

Slap Shot Hockey


Trunk Toss Game Rental

Trunk Toss

This elephant is ready to catch some rings!! Players toss large rubber rings in an attempt to ring the elephant’s 3D plastic molded nose!!



Ring the Unicorn

Players have 5 chances to ring the unicorns horn

Rental Cost: $65.00


Pig Races Game Rental



Pig Races
Rental Cost: $65.00

See which Pig can make his way across the finish line first!

Ducks Game Rental


Ducks Game

Rental Cost: $65.00

Watch our ducks sing and dance as you try tossing rings around their necks to Win a Prize!!

Boom Blasters Game Rental

Boom Blasters
Rental Cost: $65.00 (includes 2 units, balloons sold separately)

Add a “bang to your event! Guests pump away to see who can be the first to burst their balloon. A real crowd pleaser. BOOM! There’s another winner! Comes with 2 Pumps, 2 Balloon busting towers and 100 balloons!

Udder Madness Game Rental

Udder Madness
Rental Cost: $75.00

Two contestants sit beside the cow, and race to see who can “milk” her the fastest. Don’t worry, the udder is fake and so is the milk. Fun for all ages!

Pitt Stop Challenge Game Rental

Pit Stop Challenge
Rental Cost: $225.00

See how quickly can you change the spare tire?

Inflatable Midway Game Rental

Inflatable Midway
Rental Cost: $295.00 (prizes are not included)

Four Carnival games inside of 1 big inflatable booth! Always a hit!

Mini High Striker

Mini Hi-Striker

Rental Cost: $85.00

High Striker


Rental Cost: $275.00